Brighton, Colorado

Tucson South Slurry Wall


Odin was contracted by Aggregate Industries to construct a slurry wall to prepare the site for aggregate mining and future reclamation for water storage. Under this contract, Odin installed approximately 544,000 VSF of soil-bentonite (SB) slurry cutoff walls adjacent to the South Platte River. The project, located within an area of 340 acres of former agricultural land, included clearing and grubbing, constructing a work pad, and installing slotted 6- and 8-inch PVC underdrains around the perimeter of the slurry walls. The backfill mix design included approximately 75 percent imported material harvested from a high fines content borrow pit on the jobsite, along with 1 percent dry addition bentonite. Both the West Cell and East Cell slurry walls are 3 feet wide. The design permeability of 1 x 10-7 cm/sec was exceeded on both slurry walls; a permeability of 3.64 x 10-8 cm/sec was achieved. The West Cell cutoff wall was 7,413 feet in length to an average depth of 30.3 feet. The East Cell was 8,750 feet in length with an average depth of 36.5 feet. The construction of this slurry wall was a critical component for water reservoirs to meet Colorado State leakage criteria.

Project Details

Start Date:

October 2021

End Date:

January 2022