May 1, 2024

South San Francisco Bay Shoreline Project Authorized to Enter Final Phase of Construction for Reach 1

Alviso, California. The South San Francisco Bay Shoreline Project, a critical initiative aimed at mitigating flood risk along the San Francisco Bay Shoreline, has received authorization from the US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) to move into the final phase of construction for Reach 1. This significant milestone marks a crucial step forward in enhancing flood protection infrastructure and safeguarding vulnerable communities in the region.

The project encompasses nearly two miles of levee degradation and re-construction along the San Francisco Bay Shoreline under contract to USACE. Key components of the project include the construction of earthen cofferdams, sheet pile cofferdams, extensive dewatering systems, water control structures, a temporary railroad crossing and pedestrian structures supporting the final reconstruction of two levees. The site’s challenging conditions, including shallow groundwater, seepage, soft soils such as young bay mud, and environmentally sensitive habitats and federally protected /listed bird species necessitating strict adherence to environmental regulations. 

“The project integrates simultaneous work on two levees separated by a live railroad main line with trains traveling up to 79 mph. MOJV and our subcontractors have worked collaboratively with the USACE and in concert with the railroad to assure daily crossing of haul trucks is performed precisely yet safely in accordance with the railroad and all associated regulatory standards.”

MOJV, entrusted by USACE to reconstruct two levees (Reach 1 and Reach 2/3), has made significant progress since the project’s inception. The successful construction of sheet pile and earthen cofferdams separating the construction zones from four ponds and an active marsh, along with the establishment and maintenance of an integrated dewatering systems spanning over 2 miles, underscores MOJV’s commitment to project perseverance, excellence and safety. The recent authorization to commence the final phase of construction for the Reach 1 portion of the project signifies a major milestone in the project’s advancement.

Looking ahead, MOJV is poised to complete the construction of both levees by the end of the season, including the construction of a boardwalk and water control structure on Reach 2/3. The project’s progress underscores MOJV’s unwavering dedication to excellence and underscores its pivotal role in enhancing flood protection infrastructure along the South San Francisco Bay Shoreline.

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