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Odin is committed to ensuring the health and safety of its employees through our Ground Zero3 program – where the boots hit the ground in the workplace – on every project, in every office, and at every work location. We value the people that we work with and that we work for. The success of our projects is measured not only by deadlines and budgets, but also by the level of safety achieved within our organization and the positive impacts we have on local communities. By making safety a core value through comprehensive training, modeling, and accountability, we’ve made it possible to prevent injuries, property damage, and adverse environmental impacts.  

Our dedicated safety managers empower our teams, including our subcontractors, with behavior-based safety training that is adaptable to specific client and agency requirements. This training is intentionally crafted to meet or exceed applicable state and federal requirements. We equip our field crews with the tools to anticipate, identify, and eliminate or mitigate health and safety risks. Each team member acknowledges and supports the idea that “stopping work” when something isn’t right is both their obligation and authority.

At Odin, accountability starts at the top. We demonstrate this through active executive participation in safety audits, site visits, team engagements, and toolbox talks. Our safety stewardship is led by a safety steering committee, which is firmly seated at the helm of our company and led by a corporate Health and Safety Manager. This team leads by example and drives every facet of our safety program, including the associated investments, initiatives, celebrations, incident debriefs, and corrective actions.

Safety Accreditation

Gold Shovel Standard

All Odin employees involved with excavation are Gold Shovel Standard certified, verifying they are up-to-date on regulations and standard safety management.

Avetta Safety

We train our employees in accordance to Avetta‘s standards, enabling us to align with suppliers that share similar standards for health and safety.


Odin is a certified contractor through ISNetworld, allowing us to select vendors based on safety, insurance, quality and regulatory information.

Key Safety Rules

All rules and regulations provided by OSHA are taught and followed strictly. Based on Odin’s most common operations, we have determined the following activities best represent our top 12 Key Safety Rules.

Key Safety rule 1

Team Commitment. Every Day, Every Task

Key Safety rule 2

Stop Work Authority and Responsibility

Key Safety rule 3

Drug and Alcohol Free Workplace

Key Safety rule 4

Pre-task Planning and Worker Mentoring

Key Safety rule 5

Personal Protective Equipment

Key Safety rule 6


Key Safety rule 7

Heavy Equipment Operation & Training

Key Safety rule 8

Excavation Safety &
Utility Protection

Key Safety rule 9

Lifting &

Key Safety rule 10

Hand &
Power Tools

Key Safety rule 11

Fall Protection &

Key Safety rule 12