June 7, 2024

Odin Commences Mobilization on Yolo Bypass East Levee - North Improvement Project

West Sacramento, California. Odin is excited to announce the successful mobilization of the Yolo Bypass East Levee – North Improvement project. This critical initiative aims to enhance flood protection for the West Sacramento region, focusing on strengthening the northern segment of the Yolo Bypass East Levee.

The project incorporates structural enhancements designed to withstand higher water levels and intense storm events, including levee strengthening, erosion control measures like riprap and vegetation management, and the addition of impervious fill to prevent water infiltration. A comprehensive subdrain system will be installed to manage groundwater and prevent seepage, alongside the construction of a new pump station to efficiently remove excess water during high-flow events. These improvements are expected to significantly reduce flood risk, protecting residential, commercial, and agricultural areas, and ensuring community safety.

The project has made significant progress in its first month, including the partial degradation of the levee, preparation of the borrow site, and the completion of sheeting and shoring for the wet well excavation. Upcoming activities include the excavation of the wet well, construction of the pump station wet well, installation of precast vaults and steel piping for the pump station, installation of electrical components (switch gears and submersible pumps) for the pump station, and the reconstruction of the levee over the subdrain system.

One of the main challenges faced by the project is the high groundwater table, necessitating effective drainage solutions to maintain a dry work area. This requires careful planning and implementation of drainage systems to mitigate water infiltration and maintain a stable work environment. Additionally, the installation of the complex and technical pump station demands precision and expertise to ensure successful integration into the project.

The project continues to progress steadily, with the anticipated completion date set for December 2024. By this time, the pump station is expected to be fully functional and operational, marking a significant milestone in enhancing flood protection measures. The team remains focused on completing the remaining tasks efficiently and effectively, ensuring that all systems are in place and functioning optimally to safeguard the community against potential flood risks. With dedication and determination, the project is on track to meet its goals and deliver essential infrastructure improvements to West Sacramento.

“Everyone contributes and volunteers to help with anything needed. The craft has also done a great job working together as they have many years of experience on the same projects. It makes it a great working environment,” said Omar Kanaan, QC Manager.

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