West Sacramento, California

Bryte Landfill Remediation


Odin completed remediation, including waste excavation, tracking and relocation, treatment, and capping, of 13-acres of the former Bryte Landfill Site in 2020. The Site, used as a municipal solid waste and construction debris burn dump for about 40 years, was adjacent to the existing north levee of the Sacramento Bypass near its confluence with the Yolo Bypass east levee. The alignment of the new Yolo and Sacramento Bypasses resulted in the Site being within a floodway and threatened dispersal of potentially toxic materials. A precursor to the multi-benefit Lower Elkhorn Basin Levee Setback project, the project included complex Federal, state, and local environmental requirements. Odin’s work was named “2020 Outstanding Environmental Engineering Project of the Year” by the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) Sacramento Section.

The unique project included the construction of a regulatory authorized Corrective Action Management Unit (CAMU) that was designed and permitted as a repository for the landfill waste. Construction of the CAMU required a phased construction approach with many elements (i.e., layers) comprising the design. Selective excavation within the landfill yielded 55,000 CY of clean cover material of which 35,000 CY was beneficially used to construct the berm and base of the 7-acre CAMU. The base was then covered with approximately 300,000 SF of geo-composite clay liner (GCL). A 1-foot layer of select fill was then placed directly on the GCL to complete the base of the CAMU. Odin then excavated and placed approximately 151,000 CY of waste from the former landfill within the CAMU. Prior to placement, much of the waste material was mechanically screened to remove oversized debris. Also, based on investigation data, a specific area encompassing approximately 22,000 CY of material was classified as RCRA hazardous waste due to metals concentrations. This waste was strategically removed out of excavation sequence and tracked to ensure its placement low within the CAMU. It was treated (stabilized) in-place prior to the remainder of waste placement. After initial CAMU construction and material placement, Odin remobilized to the site to remove and place additional impacted materials within the CAMU, after which the final top foundation layer was installed, and the geo-composite clay liner, drainage systems, and vegetative soil layers were constructed to complete the structure. The site is the future location of a Yolo County Corporation Yard. To support the future site use, Odin installed all underground utilities including water, power, drainage, and others.

Odin worked collaboratively with all stakeholders including SAFCA, the design engineer, representatives of both Sacramento and Yolo County, the California Department of Toxic Substance Control, and other regulatory agencies. The work was completed with no safety incidents or lost time accidents.

Project Highlights:

• 55,100 CY of Clean cover • 155,400 CY of landfill waste, 22,000 CY of which was treated for RCRA metals • CAMU construction to regulatory standards • On site hazardous waste soil treatment

Project Details

Start Date:

May 2019

End Date:

October 2020