Sacramento, California

American River Common Features Natomas Basin, Riverside Canal Phase 2 Relocation and Reach B


This portion of the Natomas Levee Improvement Program Landside improvements Project (Reach B) includes the construction of an adjacent levee embankment, seepage berms, and renovations to Pumping Plant 3 (PP3). A roadside ditch will be constructed between the existing Garden Highway and the waterside slope of the adjacent levee north of PP3. The adjacent levee will have a 20-foot wide crown and a 4:1 (H:V) landside slope.

The Riverside Irrigation Canal construction includes the relocation of approximately 2,650 linear feet of highline irrigation canal from approximately 1,400 feet south of the Plant 3 Intake Channel to Radio Road, along with road crossings, gate irrigation turnouts and interconnection with existing irrigation canals. The canal cross section is 5-foot bottom width with 6.2 to 9.0-foot high, 12-foot top width earthen embankments. Patrol roads on top of embankments will be surfaced with aggregate base. Related work includes grading for drainage, access ramps, underdrain culverts, and barbed wire fencing. The Riverside Pumping Plant discharge piping extension includes approximately 50 feet of 36-inch HDPE pipe and 300 feet of 36-inch welded steel pipe for the extension from existing outfall at landside levee toe to the relocated Riverside Irrigation Canal. The work includes a new cast-in-place concrete outfall, flow meter, level transducer, concrete canal lining and a cast-in-place concrete weir wall across the canal. The Riverside Lift Station work includes the construction of new variable speed 50 HP and 60 HP mixed flow vertical irrigation pumps in a new cast-in-place concrete sump. The work includes a concrete lined canal approach, new fixed bar trash rack, 48-inch HDPE gravity bypass, welded steel piping manifold and appurtenances, electrical and control equipment, SCADA system, chain link security fencing, access control pipe gates, and miscellaneous sitework. The Riverside irrigation Pipeline work includes the construction of a pressurized pipeline from the Lift Station at Radio Road to the end of the pipeline at Tree Road and a lateral pipeline along Parker Road. The pipeline construction includes approximately 6,500 linear feet of 48-inch HDPE pipe, 2,900 linear feet of 36-inch HDPE pipe, 4,000 linear feet of 32-inch HDPE pipe, 500 linear feet of 24-inch HDPE pipe, 435 linear feet of 18-inch HDPE pipe, and 1,150 linear feet of 12-inch HDPE pipe constructed with 3-foot of cover and tie-in’s to existing and new facilities. The pipeline turnouts are welded steel with mechanical flow meters, pressure regulating valves, flow control gate and butterfly valves and precast flashboard riser outlets

Project Highlights:

• 800,000 CY Excavation • 800,000 CY Embankment Fill • 2,070 LF of WSP 30” to 48” • 6,540 LF of 48” HDPE • 2,930 LF of 36” HDPE • 3,960 LF of 32” HDPE

Project Details

Start Date:

January 2020

End Date:

August 2023